K-8th Grade » Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

"Saint Joseph Catholic School has a BIG focus on academics.
 We set the bar high and give all students the support they need
to be successful. Our test scores prove it!"
Mrs. Marianne Aiken, Middle School/Science
Each February, students in grades 2-8 take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. These standardized tests, similar to the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) used in public schools, are used to measure student learning and achievement as well as improve teaching. As the graphs below indicate, Saint Joseph Catholic School provides an exceptional learning experience. When measured against Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools and the national norm, our students are consistently top performers. While these test scores are impressive, they fail to tell the whole story of the benefits of Catholic education.
"Academic excellence is only part of our success," said Sister Rose Mary Balappa, S.O.L.M., Principal. "Our job is to educate the whole child - mind, body and spirit - in a safe and nurturing environment, which promises to prepare our students to be intelligent, self-possessed leaders after the mind and heart of Jesus Christ."