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Ages 3-5
Saint Joseph Catholic Preschool offers two different programs; a three-year old preschool class (two days per week) and a four-year-old pre-kindergarten class (three days per week). These programs are designed to give children a first experience of learning within a faith-filled and loving context. We believe that all children are unique and special individuals that develop in their own time and pace. Our program will:
  • Give children a wonderful opportunity to grow and explore
  • Provide a loving, secure environment in which children will develop spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.
  • Develop strong character in young children by offering healthy Catholic values, a positive self-image and a spirit of sharing.

Woven throughout the curriculum is an introduction to the wonder of God’s creation. Children are taught that each person is a special gift from God. We follow the curriculum from “Stories of God’s Love”. This program teaches children Scripture stories that tell of God’s love and connects these stories to their daily life. Prayers and songs are an integral part of class.

The preschool curriculum includes Religion, Language Arts, Math, Art, Music, Science, and Physical Education. Additionally, it emphasizes a “Plus One” curriculum opportunity where one subject area will be highlighted each week in a special manner. Examples include use of computers, science projects, or even the children authoring their own book!
Religion: A child’s sense of God comes from the warm atmosphere of love and acceptance in the preschool environment where the child learns about God’s wonderful world. Religion will be taught daily throughout the content areas and via special lessons from the priests.
Language Arts: Language Arts will assist the child in mastering expressive and receptive language skills.
Math: Math readiness will be taught in age-appropriate terms through the understanding of colors, shapes and quantitative concepts such as size differences, basic counting, classifying, forming sets and recognizing numerals.
Science: By using the five senses the child will begin to experience, discover and explore the scientific world.
Art: The children will explore and become confident using a variety of methods, textures and media.
Music: Music is a channel for creative expression through singing, listening to music, using and making rhythm instruments, dancing and other rhythmic activities to enhance an appreciation or music.
Physical Education: Gross motor skills will be advanced through activities such as running, hopping, skipping, and dancing. Arm-eye coordination will be developed by throwing, catching and aiming at a target.